Expedition Rangers

Expedition Rangers is the Royal Rangers group for boys and girls aged 15 to 18 years. Expedition Rangers participate in a variety of activities of common interest to teenagers as they make friends, learn valuable skills, learn leadership, and grow into the young men and women God has created them to be.

Expedition Rangers features an advancement trail that provides rangers with many opportunities to experience new things and have fun with their friends. The rangers learn about topics such as Auto Mechanics, Rock Climbing, or Graphic Arts. Each Expedition Rangers group chooses the topics they will study from a list of more than eighty silver skill merit options, or over two hundred skill merits of all colour categories.

The Expedition Rangers Advancement Trail consists of the completion of “merits” and “Spirit Challenges”. A merit is an award earned by completing a specific list of requirements. A Spirit Challenge is the Expedition Rangers form of group Bible study. Each step along the Expedition Rangers Advancement Trail requires the completion of a specified number of merits and Spirit Challenges:

  • SKILL MERITS represent the fun things Expedition Rangers can do and learn. These merits are typically taught as part of the weekly meeting but can also be completed at home or with friends outside the meeting.
  • LEADERSHIP MERITS are earned periodically with your group and typically involve team building activities and personal development.
  • SPIRIT CHALLENGES are the Bible lessons completed as part of the weekly Expedition Rangers meeting.

The Expedition Rangers Advancement Trail consists of three annual medals – E1, E2 and E3. The system is designed to be completed in three years, with one annual medal being earned each year.

The E3 Award is the highest award earned in Expedition Rangers and is the final annual medal earned as an Expedition Ranger.