Royal Rangers is a uniform-based programme. Uniforms are used to create a sense of identity and belonging for rangers, instil a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, establish a degree of social equality within the outpost, and provide the rangers with a way to display their achievements.

In order to provide options to the local church/outpost, the Royal Rangers programme provides multiple uniform options for use in the outpost. There are three “uniforms” that utilises the Royal Rangers patches and insignia. They are the Utility Uniform, Dress Uniform and the Award Vest. Two additional types of uniforms are also available that do not utilise official Royal Rangers insignia: The Formal Uniform and Special Uniform.

Be it any of the uniform options available (even just a rangers t-shirt and jeans), we encourage each outpost to implement a standard for all rangers so that there is a sense of identity and belonging for the entire outpost.

A statement from the first uniform guidebook written by our founder and first American national director Johnnie Barnes still applies today:

Wear your uniform correctly and proudly – Johnnie Barnes

Get the latest Royal Rangers Malaysia Uniform Guide here.